The Thrill of the Hill

Okay confession time – I am not a political person. Yes I’m civic-minded and I care what happens to our country and our world, but I’m not the person campaigning and signing up for political rallies. However, when April rolls around and I head to Washington, D.C. to meet with 400 fraternity and sorority alumnae and collegiate women and men to storm Capitol Hill I can’t help but feel the excitement. Some call it the thrill of the Hill, and I agree. It’s exciting to feel like your voice and your concern is being heard by someone who could (and should) do something about it. This year I got to meet Congressman Daniel Weber from my district, and it was an honor to speak with him about the issues facing sorority women and it rejuvenated my desire to see the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) get passed.

Congressman Daniel Weber and I on The Hill.
You can do your part by contacting your representative using the tools the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition has prepared, namely the tool to assist you in creating a letter for your state representative. This tool can be found at Use it, share it with your friends, tweet your representatives and then tweet them again. Let them know that we need the CHIA bill to pass.

We also need everyone to complete this short survey You can begin the survey by clicking here. If the link does not work you can copy the full URL below and paste into your browser:

Join me in my excitement and help us Pass CHIA!