Making Memories

I am passionate about advocating for the sorority experience and helping NPC reach its desired future and when I stop to think about it, I realize I have this opportunity because I have a loving and supportive family. So it was a special blessing when I was in California between AFLV-West and the Hill visits, that Bob, my husband of 33 years, and I were able to spend a week with our precious daughter Mary Leah, who is a writer for TV, to celebrate her birthday along with some special friends.

Here we are on vacation in Los Angeles.
We had so much fun hiking Runyon Canyon which offers breathtaking views of Los Angeles and an amazing photo op of the “Hollywood” sign! Then it was off to Santa Ynez for some relaxing days on a mountain top horse farm, visits to world class wineries and the Santa Barbara Vintner’s Festival. Even though our days were filled with fun events, my favorite time was in the evenings when we would relax on the farm and take in the beautiful vistas. We had a great time working together to make fabulous family meals and sat around that table for hours laughing and sharing stories. It’s all about making memories!

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, as I reflect back on this memorable week, one of my most cherished moments is the couple of days I had to spend with my daughter before her Dad and our friends arrived. Maybe we cherish the bonds of sisterhood because we have learned the impact of personal bonds with people through our family, friends and children. I am so proud of the woman my daughter has become and on this Mother’s Day, I am blessed to be her mother.

So, I remind all Panhellenic women to take time to make your own memories.

The Thrill of the Hill

Okay confession time – I am not a political person. Yes I’m civic-minded and I care what happens to our country and our world, but I’m not the person campaigning and signing up for political rallies. However, when April rolls around and I head to Washington, D.C. to meet with 400 fraternity and sorority alumnae and collegiate women and men to storm Capitol Hill I can’t help but feel the excitement. Some call it the thrill of the Hill, and I agree. It’s exciting to feel like your voice and your concern is being heard by someone who could (and should) do something about it. This year I got to meet Congressman Daniel Weber from my district, and it was an honor to speak with him about the issues facing sorority women and it rejuvenated my desire to see the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) get passed.

Congressman Daniel Weber and I on The Hill.
You can do your part by contacting your representative using the tools the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition has prepared, namely the tool to assist you in creating a letter for your state representative. This tool can be found at Use it, share it with your friends, tweet your representatives and then tweet them again. Let them know that we need the CHIA bill to pass.

We also need everyone to complete this short survey You can begin the survey by clicking here. If the link does not work you can copy the full URL below and paste into your browser:

Join me in my excitement and help us Pass CHIA!

April Travels Bring May Blog Posts

April was a very busy month for me. Beginning on April 11, I traveled to Orange County, California for the Western Fraternal Leadership Conference, stayed in California for a week-long family vacation to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and finally headed to Washington D.C. to storm Capitol Hill with 400 fraternity and sorority members.

Needless to say, I have much to report back.

The Western Fraternal Leadership Conference is always a treat to attend. NPC was thrilled to present four programs for fraternity/sorority advisors and College Panhellenic officers. Our presenters shared ways to reach your Panhellenic potential, an update on the Conference, extension information and judicial procedures. The area advisors also had time to get to know the College Panhellenic presidents they work with at a breakfast meeting. Great questions were asked and many ideas were shared, which is really what regional conferences are all about.

I also enjoyed the NPC dinner, where NPC member group volunteers and staff members gather. It was fun to meet new people who provide support to sorority women, share stories among friends and most importantly thank all those in attendance for being great supporters of the sorority experience.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more posts about my April travels.

Take A Breath and Count to 10

Take a breath. Count to 10. Before you exhale and start a sentence, think about what you plan to say.

Your sorority is now connected to a photo going viral online featuring a few women making bad choices. Really bad choices. Or let’s say an email from a woman who happens to be in a sorority goes viral the same way. More bad choices.

Now, read the headlines and blog posts and pick out the labels being applied. This is where you count to 10. This is where and when you decide to take a high road. This is a test of your character and tipping point.

Should you speak up? Start a debate? Offer apologies? Remain silent? Or let all sorority women simply be maligned?

It’s a given that the media will make us a target and slap us with labels and ugly stereotypes. It’s also a given that bad choices generally have consequences. In between those two extremes, there is this to say to young women – what you do, what you say, what you post, what you snap, what you share (or what your friends share) – is subject to crowd scrutiny and crowd mentality.

Often, it’s brutal.

Often, it cannot be retracted or explained.

And it remains online forever.

Most colleges and universities, by the time you read this, will have slowed down for the summer with the majority of their students heading home, to internships or new adventures.

So let’s think about this over the summer as our sorority conventions begin and as students, the ones who make good choices, are rewarded and recognized by their sisters.

Making a mistake has consequences today that didn’t exist before the days of email. Today, the online crowd can be merciless. Remember this in your summer convention moments and celebrations. Talk about the importance of your personal and sorority brand. Remember that young women have miles to go and mentors they need to make the better choices in their lives. Then, act accordingly.

And don’t forget to exhale.