Jane's Installation Recap!

Alpha Xi Deltas had so much fun in Texas watching Jane Sutton become the National Panhellenic Conference chairman! The installation took place on October 15, 2011, during the weekend-long NPC annual conference.  For those of you who missed the event, we have plenty of photos and videos to keep you up-to-date on everything that happened in Austin, Texas!
Saturday morning was off to a busy start. NPC held various meetings to conduct NPC business. All of NPC's Panhellenic organizations were in attendance throughout the weekend to take part in the annual meeting. Once the meetings and sessions concluded, Alpha Xi Delta began the celebration for Jane and her new role as the NPC chair!
As many of you know, this event marked the first time in 50 years that an Alpha Xi Delta served NPC in this capacity. In order mark the occasion, Alpha Xi Delta had a “Xi-esta” celebrating Jane and 50 years of Alpha Xi Delta! Sisters from the Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas and the Theta Lambda Chapter at Southwestern University were at the "Xi-esta" to show their support for Jane and Alpha Xi Delta.
The event was filled with Alpha Xi Delta spirit and excitement for Jane. There was lemonade and snacks for everyone to enjoy. As individuals walked around the room, fact cards provided them with a little Alpha Xi Delta history and some memorable pop-culture moments from the past 50 years. Sisters also had the opportunity to fill out their “Congratulation’s Jane” postcards and  meet Jane. Everyone had a great time.

Following the "Xi-esta," the day concluded with NPC's Closing Banquet. At the banquet, awards were handed out and Jane Sutton was installed, along with the other members of the NPC Executive Board. Once Jane was installed, she delivered her first speech as the NPC Chair!

After Jane’s installation, the weekend continued with a “Celebrate Jane” theme to honor Jane and her new NPC position.

Now that the weekend is over, be sure to check back to receive updates on Jane and NPC. Follow Jane on Twitter @NPCChairman, and before you go, check out the video below to see the moment when Jane was installed as the new NPC Chair!

NPC Facebook Icon

Have you seen Alpha Xi Delta's new NPC Facebook icon? You too can show your support for NPC and Alpha Xi Delta's NPC delegates. Upload the icon below and use it as your Facebook and/or Twitter profile pictures this week leading up to Jane's installation.

Every 52 years, Alpha Xi Delta has the opportunity to become the NPC Chair. Before Jane Sutton, only three other Alpha Xi Deltas, Ella Leib, Lena Baldwin and Mary Burt Nash, served NPC in this capacity. Let's show our support for these special Alpha Xi Deltas and NPC!

Tool Kits Now Available!

This NPC Tool Kit should be used to educate your Panhellenic delegate and additional chapter members on the National Panhellenic Conference. It contains information on what NPC is and what the conference does, information on Jane Sutton and the importance of her role as the NPC Chair, media samples, such as press releases, pamphlets and flyers your chapter can use.

If you have any questions about this tool kit, contact the Associate Director of Area Development for your territory, or Lauren Felts, Director of Communications and Marketing.