Advancing Sorority Together

collaborate: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor

NPC Long-Range Planning Committee Meeting
Not everyone believes in true collaboration but NPC and I know that the only way we are going to preserve and improve sorority is if everyone does their part and does it well. I had the opportunity to work with the NPC Long-Range Planning Committee this past weekend and the strategic thinking that took place was inspiring. Thoughtful discussion on what NPC can “own” and how we go about collaborating with others to achieve our mission were just a few of the conversations around the table.

 I have recently been questioned about the need for NPC and umbrella groups, in general, and my instant reaction is always "of course we are needed and relevant" and my thoughts were reaffirmed this weekend. NPC has no agenda that doesn't further the constituents we serve - NPC member sororities, College Panhellenics and Alumnae Panhellenics. We are a nonprofit organization, so we don't have a hidden agenda of making money or pushing our own initiatives. Our agenda is your agenda. We are in it with the belief that a rising tide raises all boats and that we can assist in raising that tide. We are a service-oriented organization with the best interests of our members at heart, and we believe that can best be achieved through collaboration with the member groups and Panhellenics. Interesting things are on the horizon for NPC, and I hope that when you are called on to help you will answer the call. I said it in October of 2011 when I took on the chairmanship and it still rings true – it’s our potential, but it's your move.