Relax, Discuss, Envision: Executive Committee Retreat January 2013

A view from the river.
My husband Bob and I love to entertain at our house on the Homosassa River in Homosassa, Florida. My husband started going to that area of Florida for fishing trips and we loved it so much we knew we wanted to make it our home away from home. We love to allow people the space to relax and unwind allowing for deep and open conversations. It was for these reasons that the NPC Executive Committee decided to have our January 2013 retreat at the river.

The NPC Executive Committee in Homsassa, Florida.
While at the river we laughed a lot and made some great memories, but we also envisioned much for the Conference to accomplish over the next 10 months. We plan to work on marketing, branding and College Panhellenic services along with ongoing board and volunteer development. Being an authentic leader means letting people see the real you. It was a lot to think about and digest, but being at the river allows for those meaningful, thoughtful discussions.

It is my hope that my fellow Executive Committee members walked away with a better sense of direction for the next 10 months but also some peace from time spent with friends in a serene location.