My Hopes for us in 2013

Last year at this time I shared that I don’t do resolutions in January because I believe we should all, as my momma told me, “Do your best every day.” When I began thinking about the New Year and some pearls of wisdom I might share, I kept coming back to a conversation I had on New Year’s Eve with my dear friends about our hopes for 2013.

Here are my hopes for us in 2013:

I hope that we have the opportunity to serve someone else. Our world is in constant turmoil and people are in constant need. There is always an opportunity to serve another and I personally have found those opportunities and experiences when I have been in service to someone else to be the most rewarding for me. Service to another also puts your own situation in perspective.

I hope each day we find something to give us joy. Whether it be a visit from a blue heron at the river house or a phone call from an old friend, finding the joy in the small things in life will shed light on the dark times.

I hope that we are able to deal with the issues that are presented to us using our values and experiences. We can never live drama-free lives but it is how we deal with the drama that builds our character. Drawing upon the strength within us to deal with these issues is all we can hope for.

All we can do is our best every day and HOPE that the New Year brings as much joy as sorrow and humility with success.