My Christmas Tree

Everything about the holidays is “tradition” to me. I love getting out the Christmas decorations and ornaments. Many of them were made by my mother and grandmother or my husband's mother. As we decorate, particularly the tree, we reflect on the person who made the ornament or the trip we were on when we bought certain ornaments. Take a look at my tree, the sequin and bead balls were made by my great aunt and sent to me each Christmas as a child. The ornament with a red heart says, “My First Christmas – 1981,” and was cross stitched for my daughter Mary Leah’s first Christmas by her aunt. There are four china bells that have been passed down through three generations. Our tree may not be designer, but it was designed with the love of a family throughout the years. Now with our daughter in her own home in California, I have shared some of these family ornaments, so when we go there for the holidays ... the tradition lives on.