History, Organizational Pride and Measurement – How NPC Thrives

As hundreds of women head into the National Panhellenic Conference’s annual meeting in Los Angeles this month, it’s time to pass the gavel. The next member sorority will rotate into the Conference’s top leadership position as chairman.

First, let me share my thanks for being part of that historic journey and joining my predecessors as a member of Alpha Xi Delta. Second, it’s just as important to note the milestones that we’ve reached in my two years as chairman and illustrate how those will efforts push us progressively forward to meet member needs.
NPC’s Board of Directors invigorated the 111-year-old Conference this year by approving a strategic plan. Data-driven decision-making is a core foundation for the NPC, and critical information is collected annually from our 26 member groups to keep us on track.
NPC’s advocacy efforts extended to the NASPA Greek Summit, the White House event on Girls in Leadership, a continuing participation in the Coalition of Higher Education Associations for Substance Abuse Prevention and a new initiative this year with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Through NAMI, we’re bringing a new educational resource to students and advisors this year for mental health awareness – which is a centerpiece of this year’s annual report.
More than 130 women spent time on Capitol Hill this spring to advocate for measures that improve the lives of college students everywhere. Panhellenic women have been advocating for better laws during Hill trips for the past 11 years. Many college members give up the traditional spring break trips to mingle with their federal lawmakers, including the historic number of women who were elected to the U.S. Senate.
About 30,000 women participated on Facebook in NPC’s celebration of International Badge Day on March 4 this year, pledging to wear their sorority pins. At the same time, dozens of collegiate women from Columbia University and New York University and alumnae members from the area traveled to Rockefeller Plaza for a live broadcast of “The Today Show” to celebrate with their badges and signs.
Last year’s annual report was recognized by the Hoosier Chapter Public Relations Society of America with a Pinnacle award and a new crisis communications handbook won “Best of Show,” which is now a resource for members and our partners. NPC also received a “Critic’s Choice” award from the Fraternal Communications Association for its updated logo and brand.
We also welcomed a new training and curriculum design coordinator to NPC staff this year and elevated the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation with additional support from our executive director.
Along the way, and just in time for this year’s meeting, we’re recognizing outstanding advisors, Alumnae Panhellenics and College Panhellenics who are always “on” and provide the best of what sorority women have to offer.
We never stop working. We never stop planning. We never stop raising the bar for ourselves and others. It’s been a big year full of bold moves, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for answering our challenge — and seeing the potential for the National Panhellenic Conference.