My Visit to the White House

I knew when I accepted the opportunity to serve the National Panhellenic Conference as the chairman from 2011-2013 I would meet a lot of great people and have the chance to influence change. I never imagined this would lead me to the White House for a conversation about mental health. While this was an exciting opportunity for me personally, it also reaffirmed what I already knew about the National Panhellenic Conference – our organization is powerful and in a great position to make an impact.

Through our work within the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition, the National Panhellenic Conference was approached by Vice President Biden’s office to collaborate with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to facilitate conversation on campus and within the sorority network on mental health. The dialogue is critical as colleges are coping with the needs of students who are coping with a variety of issues – depression, substance abuse, ADHD and more.

Educational materials were posted during Mental Health Awareness Month and will be shared with as many women as we can reach or time allows.

NPC was approached because of its wide-reaching network and because with our member groups are civic-minded organizations who tout our role in educating and training civic-minded members. Conversations like the one on mental health are important for members personally but also our community holistically.

As I sat in the audience at the White House listening to the President talk about the call to action for individuals and organizations, I couldn’t help but feel proud that the Vice President’s Office called on NPC to serve.