Your Personal Brand – Why It’s Important

All of us sometimes struggle with our personal brand – or what we want the world to see and believe about us as we move forward in life. Branding is just as important to you as a person as it is to a company selling XYZ widgets. Investing in your brand equity is just as important to the National Panhellenic Conference as it is to each of our 26 member groups.

But we sometimes forget that our personal brand can conflict with our sorority brand.

What we say and do as sorority women affects every sorority woman. When you wear your Greek letters on a t-shirt, speak while invoking your sorority name, share on social media with a chapter name and university, you are essentially extending your sorority brand. When you link a sorority name to a personal or business enterprise, you are, perhaps mistakenly, impinging on a larger brand that isn’t yours to own.

The results are not always positive when this occurs.

We cherish our individuality and value what makes us different and resourceful.

We learn through the camaraderie of sisterhood and ingrain those experiences in our lives and businesses.

But we need to be keenly aware of how our actions affect others.

I share this with you not as an explanation of items we see in the headlines or shared on social media.

I share this with you because we all should hold precious our personal brands. We should not use them at the expense of others.We should be mindful of our words and deeds at all times. We should not judge, envy or chastise the women around us who do not hold their personal brands as dear as others.

As college women head back to the 655 colleges and campuses this fall where NPC sororities continue to thrive, we simply need a reminder to all women that what you do – as a sorority woman and in the name of sorority women – affects us widely.

The world is full of people who judge. The world is full of people who hate. The world is full of examples of people who no longer cherish respect, civility and graciousness. We don’t intend to add to that growing circle.

We’re here to say – cherish your brand. It is yours and yours alone.