Summer Gulfing

While we’re kicking off another amazing year of academic pursuit and sorority friendship, leadership and service, I’m holding on to the last remaining days of summer. I live in central Florida where “Mickey is King,” the roads are crowded and the pace is hectic. So what do I do to get away from it all? I go to our river house on the Gulf. Homosassa is still “old Florida” – the pace is slower, everybody knows your name, and bathing suits, flip flops and shorts reign.
The view from my house on the river.
When I get there and walk out to the river, all deadlines and worries fade away. It's called the “Nature's Coast” for a good reason. At any given time we see manatee at the dock, dolphins jumping in the river and Mikey begging for some food. “Who's Mikey?” you might be asking. Mikey's the Great Blue Heron who knows when I'm there and comes to the screen and stares into the house until I see him. Honestly, I think he would come on in if the screen door was open! 

My favorite pastime besides relaxing is fishing! I love to fish, whether it's with my husband, Bob, in our boat for sea trout or with my favorite fishing captain, Charlie Harris, fishing for redfish. Redfish are one of the best fighting (and eating) fish on the planet. There's nothing like getting one on the line, reeling him in and him taking off. The line just hums.
Fishing with my husband Bob.
From July 1 through mid-September is scallop season, and we call it adult Easter egg hunting season! Don a mask, snorkel, fins and take your net into the Gulf in about five feet of water. My mouth waters thinking about fresh sautéed scallops over linguine.

Well, I can't stand it anymore. Got to go grab my bathing suit and get over to the Gulf!