Alumnae Panhellenics

I love my alumnae experience. I am often telling people that while my college sorority experience was wonderful, my alumnae experience has far surpassed it. As a young alumna and later in life, no matter where life took me, I always found an Alumnae Panhellenic group in the area to join. My Alumnae Panhellenic experience in Jacksonville and Orlando has afforded me some great memories and friendships that I will cherish forever. It is in this vein that the National Panhellenic Conference is rededicating support for our Alumnae Panhellenics across the country.

I recently attended Alpha Xi Delta Florida State Days as an alumna.

In addition to the alumnae volunteers who serve as advisors to our Alumnae Panhellenics, we are hiring a full time staff member to be accessible to our Alumnae Panhellenics. We believe this change will offer more consistent and regular support to our important Alumnae Panhellenics. We will also be rolling out new resources to all of our constituents via the new website. I am hopeful that the renewed resources and support will allow our Alumnae Panhellenics to thrive and enjoy the same wonderful experiences I have received.