Support CHIA

At this year's D.C. Hill Visits I stood up and said, "We are here to ask you for your support of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act." As I said these words again this year, I realized we need to do more. 

As sorority members, we tout the fact that our organizations breed civic-minded, engaged students and alumnae. Now more than ever we need to mobilize those civic-minded individuals to action. We have been engaged in a ten-year effort to pass a bill that would allow our donors the same tax benefits they would receive if they were making a contribution to a university. This is important because our facilities need renovations, and we do not want to pass those costs onto our students. 

To that end, the National Panhellenic Conference has joined forces with the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the Fraternity/Sorority Political Action Committee to create a coalition that exists to build a permanent platform for an integrated federal government relations program supporting the objectives and needs of fraternal life. But, none of our efforts are worth anything without you and your sisters. We need to encourage our civic-minded members to use the tools the coalition has prepared, namely the tool to assist you in creating a letter for your state representative.

This tool can be found at Use it, share it with your friends, tweet your representatives and then tweet them again. Let them know that we need the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure (CHIA) bill to pass, and we are using our civic-minded sisterhood to make it happen.
Sarah Lindsay, NPC Government Relations Committee Chairman, and I support CHIA.